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Manufactured & Modular Homes

Here at Bob Smith Homes, we specialize in the construction of high quality, beautifully designed manufactured and modular homes from Wisconsin Homes & Hi-Tech Housing throughout the Central Illinois area. Modular homes have continued to increase in popularity in recent years and for good reason!

Is a modular home right for you?

Tired of your old home? Is your family getting too large for your current home? Dreaming of a new home?

Modular construction is now commonly used in a wide variety of applications including civilian & military housing, schools, churches, office building, and industrial facilities for a number of reasons. Compared to Custom built homes, Manufactured & Modular homes offer...

  • Faster Construction - Up to 50% faster construction times over traditional home construction.
  • Indoor Construction - Majority of the construction takes place indoors, limiting the effects weather can have on the building.
  • Better Pricing - Manufactures can negotiate more because of the high amount of homes being built, leading to lower prices for the consumers.
  • Stronger Homes - Building practices such as using screws instead of nail, gluing the joints, and using 10-20% more lumber in construction leads to stronger buildings able to withstand more punishment from the elements.
  • Easily Modified - Can easily add sections or entire floors to a existing modular building. Also can be built on stilts, on top of basements, or on top of full slab foundations. Some modular buildings can also be built as high as 24 stories or more.
  • Remote Building - Majority of construction takes place in factories and then can be sent to remote locations where normal construction would be very difficult, making it much more feasible to build in secluded or remote areas.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Manufacturers know exactly how much material is used for each building, making the amount of scrap being thrown away very little or none. Compared to traditional buildings where scrap can fill dumpster after dumpster, prefabricated housing is very environmentally friendly. And because of the reduced construction time there is also less on site disturbance than normal housing. Learn More Below.
Are Manufactured & Modular Homes Really Greener?

Are Manufactured & Modular Homes Really Greener?

Are Manufactured & Modular Homes Really Greener?Modular homes are quickly becoming a popular alternative to custom built homes, but how do they rank in regards to being environmentally friendly when compared to regular stick built homes? Besides being cheaper, faster, and stronger; modular homes are also better for the environment. Below are some facts and information to outline why modular homes are in fact greener than traditional custom homes.

  • Use Less Material - Illinois Modular homes use less material than traditional custom stick built homes because manufacturers know exactly how much material is required before hand. This saves tons of building scrap per house and creates less of an impact on the environment. Also any scrap that is generated at the factory is usually recycled and reused somewhere else in the building process.
  • Less Site Disturbance - Building times are greatly reduced meaning less site disturbance from all the construction equipment and workers. Less site disturbance means a reduced impact on the environment on and around the building site.
  • Better Insulated - By nature Illinois modular homes are better sealed than traditional stick built homes, meaning less energy use and less of an impact on the environment.
  • Greener Materials - The materials used in the building process are usually greener in manufactured housing. Typical materials used are gypsum, which consists of recycled materials; oriented strand board, which comes from fast growing forests; and formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation. All this leading to a greener home.

So as you can see going modular is going green, and with the increasing popularity modular home construction has seen in recent years, the overall greenness of the entire building industry is going to continue to improve.

Why Build Modular with Bob Smith Homes?

We are a certified dealer for both Wisconsin Homes and Hi-Tech Housing, two of the premier Modular Home manufacturers in the nation, and we have over 29 years of experience building new homes for satisfied families throughout Central Illinois.

We pledge to provide the highest quality service with excellence and consistency in everything we do.

Our clients can be assured of quality and professionalism of our staff and resources which are tailored to the unique needs of each client and project.

Please feel free to browse each manufacturer's site to learn more about the home models and floor plans they offer. To meet the varying needs of your family, each company offers many different modular home options and floor plans to choose from.

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